How to hunt Reavers!

The following educational video explains how to whack a Reaver in the wild. There are four important requirements:

  1. Colorful baloons not only mark the Reaver, but provide a pleasent protection layer, if you accidently run into him.
  2. Study the Reavers pace for a while and hit him when he least expects it. Exploit his obstructed sight, because of too long hair.
  3. Aim low!
  4. The Reaver is finished, when all baloons are gone.
  5. Reavers hide their treasures inside the baloons, e.g. coupons for drinks and similar barbarous stuff!
  6. Don’t mix up this list. It’s important to do all seven steps!

Thanks to MetalJodler for providing this excellent didactic video, made on the Serenity Charity Screening 2010 in Hamburg (LINK, sorry it’s german).


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