Punch the Reaver

Germany is in Reaver territory! Last Sunday the Reavers got loose in the first German Serenity Charity Screening. People came from Germany, Austria and Czech Republic, Jayne and Mal were there (in the picture already on stage). Even Joss signature was able to come – on a poster only slightly crinkled ;-).


The show started with watching Dr.Horrible and of course Serenity. The host continued with a lottery, but my number 34 was kind of unlucky and all the goodies went to the crowd. I was luckier when we got the chance to “punch a Reaver”. With a big club I smashed the hell out of him. Bang! Bang! The balloons attached to his body were easy rubber meat filled with priceless posters and chocolates.

Organization of the event must have been really hard. Getting the license for showing the movies by dealing with a combination of film company and german bureaucracy sounded like doing the iron man. But they made it and about 25 people were able to come. Someone even knitted and donated a Jayne hat for the fund-raising.

Just to be sure we asked Jayne to protect us on our way home. He safely led the way through the jungle of Hamburg public transport. Naturally he didn’t do it for free, we had to pay 7 Euros (telling him it is almost a billion in Dollars due to the current exchange rate).


The text on the upper right can be translated to "be on the fast track to destruction"

The organisers just calculated that the event was profitable and at least some money can got to Equality Now. I am absolutely looking forward to next year!


2 Antworten

  1. What an exquisite report of the event 🙂

    18. September 2009 um 15:44

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